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In this collaboration, I created 9 tattoo sketches in memory of Michal Sela. Personal materials, photos, letters, and video clips were sent to me, which I spent long minutes examining to understand who Michal was. I saw a free-spirited woman, loving, with golden threads radiating happiness in every direction. She loved butterflies, and they accompanied her everywhere - in paintings, on windows, and in her words.

Michal Sela lived a free-spirited life like a butterfly, and during her life, she spread light, beauty, and goodness. On September 2019, she was brutally murdered by her husband in front of their innocent infant daughter. Out of mourning, her eldest sister Lili Ben Ami, established the "Michal Sela Forum" - a non-profit organization dedicated to mitigating violence through creative solutions and technology, along with a focus on broad public awareness and responsibility to identify warning signs in relationships.

Michal did not recognize the warning signs that preceded the event because there was no prior physical violence on his part. The red color appearing in some of the sketches symbolizes love, and in stark contrast, the spilled blood of women. Each illustration in the project is dedicated to Michal and her loving family.

50% of the proceeds from the purchase of the sketches will be donated to the "Michal Sela Forum" association. Every purchase will help us achieve the goal we are fighting for: zero murders per year.

After the purchase, you will receive an email with a digital file containing the selected sketches in high quality, sized at 10x10 cm.
Rosart Studio is not responsible for the selection or execution of the tattoo itself, or for the final appearance of the tattoo and any mistakes that may occur by the chosen tattoo artist.

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Shipped flat in recycled & upcycled package.

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