If you are interested in getting one of my existing designs as a tattoo, please follow to page tattoo ticket.

If you are interested in your own special tattoo design, this is the place. When I started working as a full-time artist, most of my commissions were custom tattoo designs. Soon enough the clients who came to me brought their personal stories up, and my work gained more meaning and value.

Working with people helps me to make art out of feelings.
This is how INK MY STORY was born: my side-personal-project of creation. 

About the process:
After you`ve contacted me (press the button down below), I will reach you back as soon as I can. We will set up a convenient time for both of us to talk, we can even break the walls of e-mails and meet up at Zoom! During our first talk, I want to hear your story - it doesn`t have to be a heartbreaking one, I just need to know what I`m going to draw. I will present to you my terms, conditions and pricing for this commission, and we will proceed after your approval.
The process of creating a custom tattoo design is mutual, you will be an integral part of this journey, since it is your personal story.

For more information: