Michal Sela Forum x Rosart

Michal Sela Forum x Rosart

There are approximately 200,000 women who live in violent environment in Israel. Over 200 women were murdered here in the past decade by their partner, husband or ex.
Michal Sela is one of them. She was a social worker, a loving woman who is described by her family and friends as a free butterfly. 
She never thought that her husband`s jealousy and obsessive behaviour may kill her. During one of their many fights, she was stabbed by him 17 times and left to bleed on the floor for hours, in front of her baby`s eyes.

It was all over the news back in 2019. Unfortunately, cases like this are often heard over the news, worldwide. Michal`s sister, Lilli Ben-Ami, decided to grow from this pain and founded the Michal Sela Forum, a non-profit association with the goal of saving the next murder victim through creative "out of the box" thinking and the use of advanced technologies in time of crisis as well as in prevention and raising awareness to warning signals.

In our collaboration, I created 9 tattoo flashes that are inspired by Michal`s character, fantasies and life. Lilly sent me videos, pictures and even private letters to let me know Michal a little bit better. This is how it turned out:


All of the incomes are donated to Michal Sela Forum. For purchasing a tattoo flash, click here.

I hope this project will help us to get closer to our goal: 0 victims, 0 murders.

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