Solo Exhibition | Hanna House

Solo Exhibition | Hanna House

During November 2019 my first solo exhibition was displayed at Hanna House in TLV. I was told the main theme is slowing down, so I created the art pieces in this spirit.

I wanted to create something more than illustrations of paper. The use of wood, are main helper for clean air and oxygen is represented almost in every piece. On the second floor, old book with painted covers ere hanging in the air, and on the other side were floating inhalers with flowers. In the small room that is used in regular days as a working space, I turned into a screen printing room where all the visitors could print my design on their clothes, bags or paper by themselves.

The name - Exhale; Exhale is a reference to the most difficult time of my life, during these months of preparing to the exhibition, when my father was fighting cancer.

All the art pieces are hand sketched and digitally coloured in black and printed on textured paper. I wanted to make a special frame, and with the help of my father we made special 7 cm wooden frame that is hand sawn and polished.

You can find original prints from the exhibition at my shop

Photo credit: Yael Idomsky

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